She Cheated With Her ‘Cousin’. I’m Finding It Hard To Forgive Her by starring: Star9jaNews

Good day fellow Star9jaMedia

I met this girl last year July through a good friend, while I was oversees, we started e-dating and everything went smoothly although, we had series of misunderstandings during December last year but we resolved it afterwards

She called me and told me to me about a particular guy that comes to sleep at her room (she’s still schooling), she said the guy was her cousin. I had to believe her because according to her, he is a cousin and I don’t think they will be romantically involved in anyway. 

The guy slept in my GF’s room 3 different times that I’m aware of. He spent 5days the first time, the second time he spent close to a week, the third, he slept and left the following day. She told me each time the guy was visiting, this made me trust her and believed that the guy was her cousin. 

My GF and I had a serious argument and misunderstanding this January, my girlfriend’s brother had to step in and begged on her behalf. GF’s brother and I spoke at length and I used that opportunity to ask my GF’s bro about the guy my girlfriend introduced to me as her cousin.

Her brother told me they are not related by blood in any way, that they are JUST close family friends and nothing more and moreso, the guy in question once asked my gf out but due to the closeness of the family, my guy’s mum playfully declined the request. Immidately he said this, my blood pressure increased, my heart beat increased 100x faster, one million and one thoughts ran through my head. 

Though, I once asked her why the cousin always come to her room and stay longer period of days before leaving, the answer she gave me was that the guy is a serving corps member and whenever he wants to visit his family, he branches to her place and spend some time with her before going home (when I was in Nigeria, I do visit my cousins and spend time with them before leaving so I had no issues with the guy coming over if truly they are related)

To cut the long story short, I asked her about the true identity of the guy, she told me the truth and she swore that they did nothing during her so called ‘cousin’ numerous sleepovers in her room. I forgave her for lying to me and we moved on. 

I got back to Nigeria last month and a source disclosed to me that my GF and her ‘cousin’ had sex more than five different occasions. (I don’t want to reveal my source, my gf is an active nairalander)

I called her and told her about what I heard. She denied at first but later told me that they had sex 4 different times while I was away. (I’m dead sure it must be more than 4 times) She said they made out when we had issues during the December time. If this is true, they had sex 4 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS within the space of 31 days. (if not more than 10 times sef) 

I’m so devastated right now. We saw over the weekend, she wasn’t feeling too well, I picked her from her school to the school hospital and later brought to my house. She spent the night at my place and begged me all through the night for me to forgive her and that she is truly sorry for the pain she caused me, she also begged in the car with tears and mucus all over her face while I was dropping her off to her place. She said she is a changed person and that her life will be meaningless if I leave and that everybody deserves a second chance. 

I honestly don’t know what to do at this juncture. I don’t tolerate infidelity of any kind more reason why I’m straightforward and loyal to her. I told her I have forgiven her because she wouldn”t leave my car if I don’t forgive her. She kept crying and crying making passers-by wonder if I’m trying to kidnap her or something, I felt uncomfortable with the whole situation. The truth is that my heart is far from her the very moment she admitted to having sex with the guy while in a relationship with me. I find it highly disturbing.

How do I leave her without making her hurt herself because she may get herself killed once it’s obvious that i am gone for good and secondly, if truly she’s changed, is her sin really forgivable and forgettable?

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