Immigration Officials Exposed Demanding Bribes For Passport In PHC (vid) by OEPHIUS

Media entrepreneur and social activist, Philip Thomas, who is popularly known as Comrade Phils was ordered out of the Nigerian Immigration office in Port Harcourt, Friday, for refusing to pay a bribe to renew his International passport.In a video posted on his Facebook wall, the activist lamented the treatment meted to him by the immigration officers after he stood his ground against corruption.According to him, he was asked to pay the sum of N28,000 if he would wait for three weeks to collect the passport or pay N35,000 to collect it in one week, against the official fee of N17,000 stipulated by the government.The activist who is known for his popular campaign against corruption stood his ground and refused to pay more than what was stipulated by the government. His stand angered the corrupt officers who ordered him out and attempted to seize his mobile phone when they noticed he was recording the incident.Many social media users have reacted to the video with some affirming that they paid the same inflated amount to renew their own passports.“I’m not surprised at all, even the Nigeria embassies in the USA are confidently asking citizens to pay illegal fees to have their passports renewed. Shameful!!” wrote Iyke Chikere, a Nigerian in the Diaspora.
” I renewed mine last week and have collected it, but I paid 28k, same Port Harcourt immigration. I didn’t know that 17k is the official price. Corruption and impunity is on the increase in this country. Even their OGA at the top is aware, maybe that’s why the officers are very bold to collect the extra money on top.” wrote Chukwudike Tante, another victim of the corruption going on in the Nigerian Immigration.
WIRED Nigeria’s query to the Nigerian Immigration Service on the matter is yet to be responded to.Videos: Like
Re: Immigration Officials Exposed Demanding Bribes For Passport In PHC (vid) by bluebay(m): 11:02pm On Apr 05
I did my own for 35k + 2,200 extral at Warri Immigration office and collected it same day. Got there past 11 am and I collect it 4:25pm2 Likes
Re: Immigration Officials Exposed Demanding Bribes For Passport In PHC (vid) by IMASTEX11:13pm On Apr 05
It is normal now. Just walk into the office and see the way the vultures rush you right from the entrance. If you still have hope in Nigeria getting better anytime soon. Then your must be Joseph the dreamer. 

I so scolded one very recently at Benin. After passing many loitering officers under the tree within the office. “Keep asking, oga what can we do for you. You wan do passport, etc”. And I just said no to all. But on a second thought, I decided to answer the main guard at the very entrance in affirmative. See wahala oh. The poor looking guy was bent on taking me to his friend. 
And i said, officer thanks. I want to go through the right office. He was even tempted to preventing me from proceeding. When I questioned the legality behind that, the guy just tired with face like someone that is about to miss his jackpot. He frustratedly said, go that office there.  

Nigeria is gone

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